Our educational project emphasises strong links to various civil society organisations from across the African continent with respect to both a pedagogical and a pragmatic perspective. We engage scholars and academics from across the continent, particularly Francophone and Anglophone Africa, and further afield to engage the most contemporary and relevant theories and experiences. This network of scholars, along with representatives of civil society, support the delivery of materials and the exchange of experiences and ideas between participants in our workshops. Our multilingual approach enables us to foster dialogue between a variety of cultures and people.


The primary objective of our conferences is to facilitate dialogue, access to information and knowledge exchange as a means to empower participants with the tools necessary in our collective struggle against oppression and exploitation. We are motivated by the importance of unity amongst the African people as well as internationally.

Think Tank

The Pan Africa Today Think Tank has been founded to research, document and archive the social and economic conditions across Southern Africa, providing a platform for analysis and actionable strategy.

The Think Tank programme will continue its research project and hosting workshops in order to support continued dialogue and knowledge exchange in South Africa, and across the continent.