About us

Pan Africa Today is working on general education of civil society providing skills from theoretical political analysis to technical expertise. We recognize that the problems faced by the African continent today are essentially global problems. Thus, we advocate for panafricansim and our outlook is internationalist. We are working for the emancipation of the African people.

The independence of the states on the African continent in the last century has not delivered the hoped for improvement to its people. Adding to this disappointing development, the West, through structural adjustment programmes and neo-colonial exploitation, has not succeeded in fullfilling its promises either. There is, however, always hope. And through the acknowledgement of the different experiences combined with expertise through knowledge sharing will allow for civil society to raise to the potential of a renaissance of africa.

We draw people together to learn and share knowledge. We seek to build solidarity among trade unions, civil society, youth and women’s movements by providing skills from political education to technical capabilities. We provide training seminars and workshops for the benefit of the South African, African and International public. We broaden our reach through conferences, we forge new connections and tackle the most pressing issues for Africans and all humanity. Our Thinktank draws on African and international expertise to inform our actions and activites with rationality and scientific research.

Pan Africa Today, a non-profit company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is dedicated to the emancipation of all African people through the African people. Our programs are intended for the benefit of charitable and civic organizations that concern themselves with the upliftment of the African continent and its people. As an organization, we are motivated by the importance of unity amongst the people on the continent and we see South Africa as a haven that can champion this cause.

Who makes it possible

To fulfill its mandate, PAT relies on a handful of employees as well as a dedicated team of volunteers to assist in the design and execution of our various programs. The cosmopolitan team of volunteers and employees ensures that the work done by the organization is simultaneously grounded in the realities of the continent and offers participants in our courses a unique and enriching experience.

Our respective teams – from research and administration, to outreach and curriculum design – share our commitment to providing programs for those who are often not privileged to receive further education and training. PAT therefore engages people from across the continent to bring their skills and experiences to the organization.